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    • 02/2021

      The project of Weihai Artemed International Hospital was set up

    • 09/2019

      Shanghai Artemed Hospital was put into operation

    • 06/2019

      Hillhouse Capital (Gaobo Healthcare Group) became a shareholder of Shanghai Artemed Hospital

    • 04/2018

      Shanghai Artemed Hospital and Tongji University School of Medicine signed a strategic cooperation agreement

    • 03/2018

      Main building of Shanghai Artemed Hospital was completed

    • 09/2017

      Shanghai Artemed Hospital was awarded as "Top Ten Classic Example Enterprises on Institutional Innovation in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone"

    • 09/2016

      Shanghai Artemed Hospital broke ground

    • 11/2015

      Approval letter and Certificate for Establishment of Shanghai Artemed Hospital were obtained

    • 07/2014

      The Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between Free Trade Zone Shanghai and Artemed SE was signed

    • 1/2014

      Silver Mountain Group and Artemed SE signed a strategic cooperation agreement